The Talk: How to Discuss Your ED With Your Partner

We all dread the talk. Having difficult conversations with the people you love is never easy, but almost always necessary. It’s no surprise that suffering from erectile dysfunction can have an impact on many aspects of your life, affecting mental health, confidence, and your relationships. And although you may not want to discuss your physical problems with your partner, the transparency will likely benefit your emotional and sexual relationship.

Here’s the deal: being diagnosed with erectile dysfunction can be challenging and embarrassing for you, but it can also be difficult for your partner. They may feel like they aren’t able to satisfy you or that they aren’t enough to fulfill your sexual needs. If they don’t know that there is a problem, you two can never get through the problem. The reality is that silence won’t fix the condition, but only create more frustration and tension between you both.

So how does one approach such a personal and difficult conversation? Most importantly, be honest and open. If you and your partner have a strong relationship, they will understand and be appreciative that you’re initiating a discussion. A particularly important note — don’t blame yourself or anyone else! According to the Cleveland Clinic, “as many as 52% of men experience erectile dysfunction” in their lives, so you are not alone. The blame game will only create more tension and feelings of helplessness. That said, your partner may not understand the challenges you’re facing and how dealing with ED is making you feel, so you may have to share some important details. And because ED brings with it so much psychological weight, letting your partner know these things will at least give you some mental relief, which could benefit your intimate relationship.

Though it isn’t easy, having this conversation can open the door to finding a solution for your ED together, and the mutual trust and knowledge will make it that much easier. Plus, supporting one another through your journey will only make you two stronger in the end. And ladies, it’s not all on him — we have some advice on how you should approach and deal with your partner’s ED here.

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