Tired of Chronic Insomnia?

Ramelteon is a non-habit forming medication that works with your
body’s natural sleep cycle to promote sleep.

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A Safe Solution for Insomnia

Ramelteon is an FDA-approved medication for adults suffering from chronic insomnia.

Ramelteon is the generic drug for ROZEREM, which is a prescription melatonin receptor agonist medication. What exactly does that mean? It means that Ramelteon is thought to promote sleep by working with your normal sleep-wake cycle, which is regulated by the body’s internal clock. Ramelteon isn’t likely to leave you feeling groggy the next day, and there was no evidence of dependence in clinical studies.

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More Effective Than Melatonin

In clinical studies of adults with chronic insomnia, Ramelteon helped reduce the time it took to fall asleep.

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