ED In College: Is This Normal?

Huge exams, big group projects, and cheap midnight meals aside, college is typically known as a time for lots of partying and lots of sex. Whether you’re in a dorm room or frat house, the pressure to have sex and perform well is prominent, especially on “party school” campuses or those that boast large Greek life systems. So what happens if you’re not having sex, for no other reason except that things aren’t really working down there?

Though rare, signs of impotence in college do occur, and can be triggered by many factors. These include medical reasons such as erectile dysfunction, psychological factors such as stress or anxiety, and even outside factors like drugs, alcohol, and pornography. According to the National Institutes of Health, only about 5% of men ages 20-39 are affected with erectile dysfunction. The number of college-aged males that suffer from ED is therefore, very low. This means that many of the reasons that young men are having trouble performing are caused by outside factors, like those mentioned above. Performance anxiety is often to blame, says Jerome Hoeksema, MD from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago to Everyday Health. “The more they worry about it, the worse it gets. Young men need to recognize this cycle and try to reduce the ‘stress’ surrounding sex,” he suggests.

That’s not all. A 2008 study suggests that personality disorders, as well as substance abuse and lack of sleep can all attribute to problems with getting or maintaining an erection — two factors common on college campuses. CRC Health also notes that “lifestyle is the root of impotence among many young men. More college students are taking antidepressants, which can reduce sexual function. Alcohol, smoking, and lack of exercise all can contribute to the problem.”

So what’s the solution? As noted, a huge step could simply be taking the pressure off of sex entirely. Comparing your sex to that in pornography or to stories of other guys have sex can add unnecessary pressure. If you don’t think that’s the problem, try cutting back on the drinking. Casual sex in college tends to happen after a night of partying and alcohol is known to impair performance. Plus, college is stressful enough! If you’re concerned with your grades or not sleeping enough, your sexual performance could suffer as well.

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