ED: Are Genetics To Blame?

Real talk: erectile dysfunction is very common in adult males. By the age of 60, nearly two-thirds of men are suffering from the diagnosis. Though common causes include heavy drinking or smoking, obesity, performance anxiety or even stress, scientists may have also found a genetic link that could factor into developing the disorder.

According to Heathline, this new study may open the possibility of a targeted treatment for ED, as opposed to prescription drugs such as Viagra or sildenafil. Targeting specific genes would undoubtedly increase the chances of reducing symptoms in men of all ages. But don’t get too excited. The study, which was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, concluded that “about one-third of the risk is due to genetic factors, independent of other known erectile dysfunction risk factors.” This means that although genetic risk factors have been found, they aren’t necessarily the only cause of erectile dysfunction—simply a notable connection. Consequently, targeting the gene alone may not always solve the problem.

Unsurprisingly so, some doctors are still skeptical of the study’s findings. “[The study] doesn’t prove causality or how much of the ED might be genetic or acquired from nature,” said Dr. Daniel Shoskes, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic. What we know for sure is that physical factors and lifestyle habits still play a big part in erectile dysfunction. Just because one doesn’t have a gene associated with erectile dysfunction, doesn’t mean that they won’t experience the symptoms. As mentioned, the most common lifestyle factors attributed to impotence are heavy drinking, smoking, obesity or even diabetes.

The good news is that findings like these are notable and helpful for doctors who are conducting further research. The more studies that are done, the more we will know about specific genes linked to ED and how it can be treated accordingly. Gene therapy, according to the article, is a possibility down the line.

Until then, those diagnosed with erectile dysfunction are left with either changing their lifestyle habits or taking a prescription medication like sildenafil. Speak to one of UpScript’s U.S. licensed physicians today to see if sildenafil is the right option for you and your erectile dysfunction: https://www.upscript.com/