ED and Mental Health: What It Means For Your Relationship

Sex, relationships, your body — it can all cause anxiety and stress, and the implications can have serious effects on your life and relationships. It’s no surprise that diagnoses like erectile dysfunction can both cause and be caused by feelings of stress or depression. Though the root of these feelings can vary, it can be a heavy burden on those around you, especially your significant other.

According to Metro News UK, mental health issues like anxiety or depression can lead to what they call, “unconsummated relationships,” or relationships in which couples don’t have sex or engage in sex infrequently. “Some of the most common reasons are from a psychological viewpoint and include a general lack of education around sexual intercourse, fear, anxiety, shame and/or past trauma,” says Sarah-Jane Otoo, a psychosexual therapist who spoke to Metro. Of course, performance anxiety can factor into the stress and can affect everyone, regardless of age or an erectile dysfunction diagnosis. This usually stems from a fear of performing well enough for your partner, ejaculating prematurely, or insecurities about your body. Poor performance may continue to perpetuate a cycle of anxiety and self-esteem problems which is difficult to stop and can be detrimental to a relationship.

The article notes that other disorders, such as bipolar disorder, can also affect one’s sex life and relationship. According to a 2017 article from the Good Men Project, about 15% of erectile dysfunction cases stem from psychological factors like these. So how do you get through it? Though there isn’t a one-size fits all solution, the key to overcoming this lies in having open and honest dialogue with your partner, as well as seeking professional help, whether through medication or therapy.

Surrounding yourself with a supportive group of people, whether that is just your doctor and your partner, can help ease the battle between your mental health and your sexual performance. Despite the lack of confidence you may feel, know that you’re not alone. If you’re looking for more solutions or would like to learn more about what might work best for you, speak to one of Upscript’s U.S. licensed physicians today. Sildenafil, a generic erectile dysfunction medication, may be what you need to feel better both mentally and physically.

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